Norris Geyser Basin

This was probably my favorite geyser basin from the 1985 and 1989 trips. It was much less impressive this time. It seems quite a few of the features here have dried up or become less active. But there were still some good things here, besides Echinus, which did nothing more than tease a few times (see below).

An empty bathtub, maybe.

Minute Geyser was spitting nicely.

Pearl Geyser wasn't doing too much.

I am not sure, but I think these are the remains of Pork Chop Geyser, which died an explosive death late in 1989.

The Green Dragon Spring was making some interesting noises and seemed to be one of the more active areas here.

This seemingly unnamed feature was very active. Lots of splashes of water and steam. It was right near the Green Dragon Spring.

OK, we have now arrived at Echinus Geyser. According to the guide book, it erupts every 35-75 minutes. You know it's going to erupt when its pool fills with water, then it is supposed to be one of the more spectacular geysers at Yellowstone. Right now the pool is fairly empty, but judging by the boardwalk and seating surrounding it, it must be worth the wait. So we wait.

Some bubbling and the pool is rising.

Lots of bubbling.

The pool has filled to the point where it is draining off to the upper left. This activity must be the start of the eruption.

This has GOT to be it.

Well, no.

Water is draining out, but that was no eruption. We watched the pool fill, some action begin, and fizzle out for over an hour. By then, most of the people who were there when we arrived were long gone. We were sunburned. It was dinner time. So we gave up...

On the walk back to the visitor center, Steamboat Geyser was shooting up at least a few feet.

And now we know better - Echinus is not predictable. A word of advice - stop at the visitor center and check on any special notices like this BEFORE you sit for an hour or two waiting for a geyser to erupt.

This is what it would have looked like had it actually erupted. Pretty impressive, I bet.
From Nathan's collection:




Crater Spring. [Bigger]

Green Dragon Spring. [Bigger]

Marsh in the runoff of the unnamed thing near Green Dragon Spring. [Bigger]

Arrival at Echinus Geyser. [Bigger]

Nathan also has a sequence Echinus Geyser. I took less than half for this page. [Bigger]






Giving up on Echinus Geyser. [Bigger]


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