Old Faithful Area

We arrived in the Old Faithful area just as an eruption was underway, so the parking lot was pretty full and there was soon a rush of people heading for the parking lot. Our two cars got separated at this point, and the cell phones came in handy to get back into a group. Since the next eruption was over an hour away, we decided to walk around the rest of the geyser basin here before the big event.

Old Faithful. It just erupted. The fire damage from the 1988 fires is still apparent here and throughout much of the park. More on this later.

Approaching the area. [Bigger]

Old Faithful Inn behind Old Fathful. [Bigger]

Anemone Geyser really does look like an anemone.

Beehive Geyser.

This is Castle Geyser (I think) off in the distance.

More Castle. [Bigger]

Castle and surroundings across the Firehole River. [Bigger]

South Scalloped Spring. [Bigger]

Grand Geyser put on a nice show.

More Grand Geyser.

More Grand Geyser.

Nathan's view. [Bigger]

More Nathan's view. [Bigger]

I guess we won't wait..

The Old Faithful Inn from the trail through the basin.

Old Faithful Inn and one of the many Hamilton Stores in the park. [Bigger]

Old Faithful Inn.

Inside the Old Faithful Inn.

While in the Old Faithful Inn, we got some good ice cream since it was dinner time and we were nowhere near dinner yet.

Disney can try to reproduce this, but they just can't do it.


Back to Old Faithful for the big event.

Nice eruption! I don't remember Old Faithful being this impressive the other times I was here.

People watching Old Faithful.

And now, the eruption as seen by Nathan's camera:






It's over - everyone, run for the cars!

And now no one is watching.

One of the things about the Old Faithful area is how built up it is. The parking lots are huge, there are lots of buildings, and there is even an overpass to bring traffic in from the main road more easily. People who come to Yellowstone and see nothing but Old Faithful are really missing a lot.

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