Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The new Mt. Rushmore entrance.

All of the U.S. state flags with the faces.

The faces.

The amphitheater.

The faces.

One of Nathan's pictures of the faces. [Bigger]

The state flags again.

Inside the very nice, new visitor center. There are good exhibits and movies in this new center which has windows overlooking the faces.

The visitors center.

More of the visitors center.

The amphitheater again.

The faces.

Washington. There is what seems to be a new trail which takes you up much closer to the mountain. This and many of the subsequent pictures are taken from this trail.

Washington and a branch.

This new trail brings you right up near the blasted away rocks.

But you can't go there.

There was a brief sprinkle and a rainbow appeared for a while.

The new trail with Nathan and Amitha.

Washington and Lincoln from a little cave along the trail.

And again.

Two faces and a little of a third.

Two faces and a little more of a third.

Lots of blasted rocks.

All four faces from along the trail.

Looking back at the new visitors center.

About as close as you get.

Some rocks here don't have faces in them.

The visitors center again.

Three faces and a tree.

The artists' building.

The faces.

A different angle.

Back out through the state flags.

New York.

Maryland (for Nathan).

A stop for postcards and T-shirts..

The sculptor.

Yes, Mount Rushmore now has parking garages just like a mall.

Down into the parking garage. Amazing.
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