St. Louis Gateway Arch

The Arch is behind those trees, I guess.

Looking from the parking garage over toward the Eads and Martin Luther King, Jr, Bridges.

The Arch from the base.

The flood marker. If you stand at the flood marker and look how far down the water is, you can really get a feel for how massive that flood was.

The arch from right underneath.

The arch from down by the river.

Looking south from the arch at the Mississippi River. There's a McDonald's on a riverboat down there.

Looking up at the city.

Inside the museum under the arch. All those people are waiting in line for tickets to ride the tram to the top. I think we'll pass.

More in the museum. There is a lot here about Lewis and Clark.

The ipCard internet postcard machine, built by Protospace.

Looking over at the TWA Dome, home of the St. Louis Rams, from the arch parking lot.
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