West Thumb Geyser Basin

This is an interesting geyser basin right on the shores of Yellowstone Lake.

The guide book for this basin.

Assorted springs.

Similar view from Nathan. [Bigger]

Thumb Paint Pots.

Similar view from Nathan. [Bigger]

Another view of Seismograph Pool.

Another view of Bluebell Pool.

A nice view of the lake. I wish my camera could capture color as well as Nathan's. [Bigger]

More lake. [Bigger]

Yellow algae in a stream.

Same stream, closer view. [Bigger]

Back to the Thumb Paint Pots.

Thermal runoff into Yellowstone Lake.

Lakeside Spring, complete with yellow algae in its runoff.

Thermal runoff under the walkway. [Bigger]

Lakeshore Geyser is under water when the lake level is high, exposed when it is lower.

Here's why the west thumb of the lake looks like a crater. [Bigger]

A nice eruption of a geyser further up the lake shore.

Nathan view of the same eruption. [Bigger]

Some fish in the lake near the Fishing Cone. Fishermen used to catch a fish here, and cook it right on the line by putting it over the Fishing Cone. [Bigger]

The Black Pool was black the last times I was here. They say its temperature increased in 1991 and the algae died. It is blue now.

It really does look deep.

A little action in the Twin Geyser area.

More Twin Geyser bubbling. [Bigger]

Not much shade around here. [Bigger]
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