1998 Yankee Stadium Old Timers Day

These pictures were taken with my Sony Mavica FD-7 digital camera at the New York Yankees Old Timers Day at Yankee Stadium on July 25, 1998. Picture quality varies - I'm still getting used to the camera. All images are 24-bit JPEGs and should be viewed on a 24-bit display. Quality is likely to be very poor when viewed on an 8-bit display. Someday maybe I'll organize these better but for now, here they all are in the order in which they were taken, with some brief descriptions.

The Stadium from the parking lot before the game.

The Old Timers warming up in the outfield.

BP pitcher.

Monument Park

The Yankee retired numbers.

The Yankee retired numbers again.

Ron Guidry giving an interview before the ceremonies.

Tommy Lasorda giving an interview before the ceremonies.

The Stadium from our seats in Section U15, the second row from the top. We spent a good part of the game looking down on birds.

More of the Stadium.

Security on the roof.


The subway over the left-center field wall.

View of Manhattan from the top of the Stadium in our section.

Robert Merrill before the ceremonies.

Another view of the Stadium and the Bronx in the background.

Old timers warming up.

Frank Messer to start off the ceremony.

Micheal Kay to introduce the old timers.

Yankee old timers as they are being introduced.

Tommy Lasorda being introduced.

The Scooter - Phil Rizzuto.

The Chairman of the Board - Whitey Ford.

The Yankee Clipper - Joe DiMaggio.

DiMaggio waves to the crowd.

Yankee Old Timers leave the field after introductions.

Prior to the unveiling of the Mel Allen plaque in Monument Park.

Mel Allen being honored on the scoreboard.

Preparing for the unveiling of the Mel Allen plaque in Monument Park.

Yankee retired numbers again.

Still preparing for the unveiling of the Mel Allen plaque in Monument Park.

Still preparing for the unveiling of the Mel Allen plaque in Monument Park.

Finally unveiling of the Mel Allen plaque in Monument Park.

More unveiling of the Mel Allen plaque in Monument Park.

The Mel Allen plaque in Monument Park unveiled.

Willie Randolph at second in the Old Timers game.

Graig Nettles ready at third.

Ron Guidry warmups.

Guidry pitching.

Chris Chambliss playing first.

Bobby Murcer in right.

The crowd during the Old Timers game.

Another view of the Stadium.

Another view of the Stadium.

Willie Randolph at the plate for the Old Timer Yankees.

Luis Tiant takes over on the mound.

Lasorda at bat.

Lasorda makes contact.

Dave Righetti on the mound.

Unknown Yankee old timer pitcher - hmmm..

Tommy John on the mound for the Old Timer Dodgers.

Murcer (?) at the plate.

Willie Randolph rounds third after his game-winning home run with 2 outs in the bottom of the fourth (last) inning. Yankees 1, Dodgers 0.

The umpires gather before the start of the real game.

The Yankees take the field.

Jorge Posada at the plate.

Tino Martinez at first.

Hideki Irabu on the mound.

Bernie Williams in center.

Paul O'Neill in right.

Homer Bush at second.

Irabu's delivery.

Chuck Knoblauch bats.

Willie Randolph coaching at third.

Derek Jeter taking a pitch.

Paul O'Neill takes a pitch.

Bernie Williams at the plate.

Tino Martinez at bat.

Jorge Posada heading to first after putting the ball in play.

Chad Curtis takes a pitch.

Scott Brosius at bat.

Homer Bush at the plate.

A Bernie Williams swing.

The Yankee bullpen.

Scott Brosius safe at second.

A blurry Yankee at third.

Chuck Knoblauch takes his base.

Bernie Williams leads off first.

First and third Yankees.

An even more blurry Yankee scores the tying run.

The Yankee infield - Irabu on the mound, Posada catching, Tino Martinez at first, Homer Bush at second, Derek Jeter at short, and Scott Brosius at third.

The Yankee outfield - Chad Curtis in left, Bernie Williams in center, Paul O'Neill in right.

The excitable fan two rows in front of us.

Tie game going to the 7th.

Jeter after catching a popup.

The long, long, long seventh inning's first pitching change.

Darren Holmes in to pitch.

So much for Holmes, another pitching change.

Grahme Lloyd warms up.

And then Mike Buddie.

Trying to rally back in the bottom of the seventh.

Bernie Williams camped under a fly ball.

Another Yankee rally - first and second for Brosius.

Jeter (I think) fielding a ground ball.

Tino Martinez fields a ground ball at first.

Jeter swings.

Jeter takes.

Jeter swings and misses to end the game. Chicago 6, New York 2.

One more look at the Stadium. Wouldn't the number "1998" look good where that interlocking NY is now painted under "1996"?
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