Seattle Mariners vs. New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York - August 30, 1998

These pictures were taken with my Sony Mavica FD-7 digital camera at Yankee Stadium on August 30, 1998. All images are 24-bit JPEGs and should be viewed on a 24-bit display. Quality is likely to be very poor when viewed on an 8-bit display.

Tino Martinez and others in pregame warmups

The retired numbers

The Japanese Little League team (in the red caps) who lost the day before to the US team from Toms River, NJ

Hideki Irabi (14), Mel Stottlemyre (34), Joe Girardi (25), and Jorge Posada (20) head in from the bullpen before the start of the game

The Yankees and their counterparts from the Japanese Little League team take the field

Bernie Williams

Irabu's first pitch

Ken Griffey, Jr.


Bernie Williams and Paul O'Neill

The right field corner

The ice cream man

Tino Martinez and Chuck Knoblauch

Derek Jeter and the baseball

Scott Brosius catches a popup

Chad Curtis leads off first

Mel Stottlemyre comes out to talk to Irabu

And Joe Torre comes to get Irabu

Jay Tessmer on the way in from the pen

The right field bleacher creatures

The crowd

Paul O'Neill (I think) batting

Alex Rodriguez at short

Finally a Yankee rally

Jeter leads off third and talks with Willie Randolph

Chad Curtis in left just after pulling back a home run ball by climbing the wall (but not making the catch)

A Griffey fan tries to get his autograph out in center but it tackled by security

Jorge Posada rounds second after his home run

Posada heads to the dugout after the home run

Jeter goes back for a tough popup

Tessmer's sidearm delivery

Mike Buddie warming up

Tessmer leaves

And Buddie is on

Tino makes an unsuccessful attempt at a foul ball in the camera well

Konblauch after his triple under Ryan Monahan's glove in left

Oh good - the Seattle bullpen is up!

ARod's stance

Knoblauch makes a play

The Stadium

Some Yankee batting

Homer Bush on as a pinch runner

The left field foul pole


Yankee rally - too little too late

Homer Bush in at third

A little excitement - the benches clear after Buddie hits a Mariner in relatiation for the HBP of Brosius in the previous inning

Everyone, let's talk at the mound and pretend it's a brawl

In comes the Yankee bullpen

Everyone onto the dirt around the mound

OK, we're tired of standing on the mound

..except for Joe Torre and Lou Piniella

Grahme Lloyd is on, Buddie was thrown out

I should delete this one

Andy, Todd, and Amitha at the game

Andy - the leading candidate for the cause of the day's loss

Pinch hitting for the Yankees - Luis Sojo

Maybe this is O'Neill or maybe this is Tino

Yankee bench

Tino sends one down into the right field corner

I don't remember

A Mariner

Mariano Rivera warming, but not to come in down by 10

Sojo fields

Darryl Strawberry rounds second after his long, but meaningless, home run

Homer Bush

Homer on the board


Homer - and the ballgame is over and the Mariners win
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