Omaha - July 19-22, 2015

These are the pictures from the second part of our 2015 summer trip, which covers our time in the Omaha, Nebraska, area. Pictures were taken with taken with my Fujifilm Finepix HS50, my iPad Air 2, and Cathy's iPhone cameras. The pictures are linked from within the text description below. Again there are some roads and signs, but there's a lot of scenery and people, too.

July 19: Evening in Papillion

We arrived in Papillion and spent the evening visiting and eating an nice dinner prepared by Kathy and Dennis.

July 20: Zoo and Baseball

We had a busy first full day in Omaha. We got an early lunch from Raising Cane's, then spent most of the afternoon at the Omaha Zoo [9 Pictures][16 People Pictures]. Back at the house, there was time for a little kid and dog sprinkler time [5 Pictures], then back out for the Omaha Storm Chasers game [27 Pictures][10 People Pictures]. [12 Pictures from the Roads]

July 21: Omaha Area Day

This was our lazy day in the Omaha area, mostly staying around the house [10 People Pictures]. I took a couple hours to drive around the Omaha area [43 Roads Pictures] and cooked some ribs later. Everyone else made a trip to a nearby park.

July 22: Morning in Papillion

We only had 350 or so miles to go for the day, so we stayed around through lunch. I went out to fill the car and pick up some dog food. The main event was a 3-mile bike ride around the neighborhood lakes. [4 People Pictures].

Our trip continues with the next report. - Sat Aug 1 16:09:16 EDT 2015