Ride to Florida - June 19-21, 2008

These pictures were taken with my Fujifilm Finepix S9000 digital camera on a ride from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, to Orlando, Florida, from June 19 through 21, 2008. Images are shown at a resolution of 640x480, but many are available cropped from the originals or in half of original size by clicking on the links after the captions.

There were no real touristy desintations along the way, so these pictures are primarily from the roads.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

We left Pittsfield around noon to make our first stop, a meeting in Albany early in the afternoon. We were finally on our way south at almost 4 PM. We didn't get very far very fast, as we hit a long construction delay on the Thruway between Exits 21 and 20. Traffic was stopped for 10 minutes at a time and it took us over an hour to get through [2 Pictures]. The rest of the day's (and night's) trip was an easy ride down the Thruway, the Garden State Parkway, New Jersey Turnpike, I-95, I-495 around the north side of Washington, and the Virginia 267 toll road. We got into Ashburn, Virginia, around midnight.

Friday, June 20, 2008

We left our friends' house in Ashburn [Picture] late in the morning and decided it was safe to take a different route than good ol' I-95 most of the way. We started by finding our way to US 15 South [13 Pictures]. We left US 15 for US 17 South in Opal. We took that back to I-95 at Fredericksburg [12 Pictures], then it was I-95 to Richmond [6 Pictures]. The new and different part of the ride came when we left I-95 in Richmond and worked our way [10 Pictures] to US 360 West [40 Pictures]. We took that as far as South Boston, then turned south onto US 501 [14 Pictures]. We stayed with US 501 through Durham and Chapel Hill [12 Pictures] until we hit US 1. We stayed on the freeway parts of US 1 [11 Pictures], but then took US 15 and US 501 South again to Laurinburg and right on through to I-95 again at the NC/SC line [24 Pictures]. From there, it was a short ride down I-95 to our destination for the night: Florence.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

On to Orlando. We left the Comfort Inn [Picture] and drove through Florence [15 Pictures] on the way out of town, then on down I-95 [15 Pictures]. We took a little side trip along US 17 between Ridgeland and Hardeeville [21 Pictures], then back to I-95 through Georgia [5 Pictures]. In Florida, we took the new 9A bypass on the east side of Jacksonville [21 Pictures], then left the crowds of I-95 for a little while for a nice ride down US 1 through Bunnell [10 Pictures]. Then it was back to the interstates: I-95 then I-4 [20 Pictures]. We arrived late afternoon at Bryan's Spanish Cove [Picture], and the Disney week began.

The Disney part of the trip is in a separate trip report.

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