Georgia (and Alabama) for ACMSE '14 - March 27-30, 2014

My MS project student's paper got accepted to the ACM Southest Conference but she was unable to attend, so I made a trip to the conference at Kennesaw State University in Georgia to present our paper. No one likes flying in to Atlanta, though, so I was able to work a round trip flight through Birmingham, Alabama, which when combined with the rental car was about the same price as flying in to Altanta. So I did. The pictures here are almost entirely from the roads, but I figured I'd post some details of my travels anyway.

Thursday, March 27 - Amsterdam, New York, to Kennesaw, Georgia, via Albany, Baltimore, and Birmingham

I started the day teaching my CSC 252 class at Saint Rose, then headed over to the Albany airport. After a hop to Baltimore and then on to Birmingham, I was in Alabama just before dark. After getting my car, I found a nearby Zaxby's for dinner, then drove across I-20 to Atlanta then up to Kennesaw for the night.

Friday, March 28 - ACMSE 2014, Kennesaw, Georgia

This was my full day at the conference on the campus of Kennesaw State University. My talk went well, and the day included lunch and dinner, so there's not much else to report. I made my best effort to listen in and follow on Twitter the progress of Union's 5-2 win over Vermont in the opening round of the NCAA Hockey tournament up in Bridgeport. As for pictures, there's just one from the roads in the area for the day. [Picture].

Saturday, March 29 - ACMSE 2014, Kennesaw, Georgia, and nearby

This was day 2 at the conference, so I spent the morning attending a few more talks. When the conference was winding down, I took a ride for part of the later afternoon. My first stop was for a decent lunch at The Varsity's location at the nearby Town Center Mall. Then on for a ride around the northern side of the Atlanta metro area before returning to my hotel to watch Union's NCAA Regional final victory over Providence College. On to the Frozen Four again! After the game, I set back out in search of dinner, and found a really great one at the Big Shanty Smokehouse in Kennesaw. After dinner, I grabbed some ice cream at Bruster's, which was also very good. [22 Pictures from the Roads].

Sunday, March 30 - Kennesaw, Georgia, to Amsterdam, New York, via Birmingham, Baltimore, and Albany

This was the day to travel home. I had an early afternoon flight out of Birmingham, so I was able to take a more scenic route up toward Rome [23 Pictures from the Roads in Georgia] and across to Gadsden before heading into Birmingham [79 Pictures from the Roads in Alabama]. I got to the airport in plenty of time, plus my flight was delayed. The first hop took a route just south of Atlanta, where I was able to take several nice pictures of the metro area [7 Pictures]. But with a long layover in Baltimore I was in plenty of time for my flight to Albany, which was also delayed. There was a small pocket of snow centered right over BWI airport, which was enough to throw everything off schedule a bit. All in all, a long, but not too bad, of a travel day. - Wed Jun 11 19:24:20 EDT 2014