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The 2001 Alaska Road Trip

Back in late 2000, Jim Teresco was inspired to put together a road trip to Alaska. The idea was to drive from Williamstown, MA to Alaska, take a ferry to Washington and drive back across the country. While many people were invited, the eventual trip involved Jim and I leaving from Massachusetts and Andrew Shapira flying to Whitehorse to meet us and be dropped off on the way back. Ideas were exchanged and sample itineraries were made and modified to accommodate ferry reservations and other ideas. Eventually we ended up with a plan that involved leaving Massachusetts on June 6 and returning on June 30.

The eventual plan included baseball games in Chicago and Minnesota, meeting Andrew in Whitehorse on June 13, spending 3 nights in Fairbanks, 2 nights at Denali, and a night near Anchorage. We would return to Whitehorse June 22 for Andrew's flight and our ferry departure from Skagway the next morning. We would meet up with Andrew again in Seattle on June 26 and spend part of a day seeing the attractions in South Dakota before returning to Massachusetts on June 30.

We kept pretty close to the itinerary and saw most of the sights we planned to but of course had twice as many that we wish we had the time to see. I'm not sure we could have seen everything in an entire summer. We put over 9300 miles on Jim's new Audi and it returned safely but considerably dirtier and insect covered. In total we covered 19 states (MA, VT, NY, PA, OH, IN, MI, IL, WI, MN, ND, AK, WA, ID, MT, WY, SD, IA, NE), 4 Canadian Provinces, (MB, SK, AB, BC) and the Yukon Territory. We ended up with thousands of pictures, and lots of memories.

I've posted some of the best pictures from the trip. I took close to 2,000 pictures with my digital camera but I posted only about half of them. One of the great things about a digital camera is that the pictures are essentially free to take as many as you want, especially when someone has a laptop to download them to. If you only want to see the highlights of the trip I'd suggest viewing the Cubs and Twins games, the Whitehorse pictures, the mountain viewing, the UAF museum, the Riverboat Discovery, all of the Denali pictures, the glacier, the drive to Skagway, sunset on the ferry, Seattle, Mount Rushmore and the Badlands. Some of these pages do contain large but high quality pictures so viewing them over a modem is not recommended.

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